vrijdagavond 9 en
zaterdag 10 dec. 2022


De volledige collectie van theo eyewear, gepresenteerd in onze winkel.

Gratis kleur- en stijladvies t.w.v. € 75

Extra kleur in je gezicht brengen met je nieuwe bril? Doen! … Maar laat je adviseren door een pro.

Onze brilstyliste zorgt voor een nieuwe, stralende look met een montuur die jouw beste features enkel maar versterkt.

Ze kijkt naar contrasten, warme/koele kleuren, lijnen, vormen en persoonlijke kenmerken in jouw gezicht.

De allernieuwste designs


Eyes on the ball

Hit the next target – beat the competition – keep up the momentum. Life is like a game of pinball.

The intriguing features of the pinball machine inspired the newest ‘pinballs’ theo family. A flashy acetate ‘playing field’ for the top half, a ‘wire ramp’-shaped bottom half, ‘ball holders’ in the temple tips.⁠

Let this design be a gentle reminder: when life gets intense, find the wire ramp and take a moment to breathe!

Race around the face

The engines are roaring, the race is about to start. The crowd is going crazy for the newest theo family.

Green flag! VROOOAAAW! We’re off with a thrilling turn, full circle around the eye. 

This eyewear series owes its design to the extraordinary shapes of racetracks. The simple lines run in an infinite circuit around the face. Hold tight, you won’t believe the speed at which you fall in love with these sensational slimline frames. 

A theo for your taste

Can you imagine eating the same dish every day? No thanks! theo’s newest potato series is all about celebrating differences. Different shapes, colours, flavours, characters … variation stimulates our appetite for life. 

The result is a diverse menu of mild, accessible flavours where you will surely find a theo for your taste. No matter which potato type you choose to satisfy  your cravings today, the secret ingredient is always LOVE!

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